Life is a journey.

Whether it is your drive and intensity that gives you that high-performance edge


the stress and tension that demands relief,

the body always keeps the score.

Young, old, soaring or stuck, we can all use a boost.


The first and only multi-mode technology to harness the pathways of the Vagus Nerve and acupressure points to gently balance the mind, body and spirit.

A more gentle boost to wellness

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Evidence-based: built on 40 years of research and development

Developed over four decades and as demonstrated through recent studies, mindvybe brings to life the science behind vagus nerve and acupressure point stimulation.

Unlike any other product, mindvybe™ is the only technology with frequencies similar to the body to bring balance naturally and effectively without the risk of interactions or overuse. mindvybe is currently only offered through certified wellness coaches. In the near future, mindvybe will be available to purchase for home use.

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*mindvybe is a wellness product and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

But don’t just take our word for it....

“Since using mindvybe, I have noticed greater clarity in my executive functioning. I continue to feel amplified by my experiences with this device -- it is all extremely positive and helpful in unexpected ways.”

-Mara Connolly Taft, Co-founder, Taft Communications

“Tremendous promise. We look forward to collaborating with you on research and more.”

-Poonacha Machaiah CEO, Chopra Foundation

“The first time I used mindvybe, the experience was extraordinary. I felt an incredible sense of calm about me. For the next week, I slept better than I have in years.”

- Dr. Lynn Dever, MD, Pediatrician

“The feeling of calm that I experienced from mindvybe was such a release....but it was a natural release. And that sense of calm has not left me. mindvybe has been profound for me in a way like nothing else that I have tried.“

-Shelby Zeller, Patient Care Coordinator

“mindvybe gives me a feeling of balance”

-Suzanne Foster, Health Technology Executive

“After years of searching for answers, I found mindvybe. It has been transformative in my life”

-Betty Deane Brick, Investment Advisor, Brick & Kyle

“mindvybe quiets the chatter in my head and helps me to relax and focus”

-Hana Sigman, Marketing Associate

I was struggling with headaches and anxiousness from stress. After a few sessions, I felt a subtle shift, calmer and a more even balance. I no longer have the headache and lowered my anxiousness making the stress easier to manage.”

-Beth Judge, Teacher

“I am almost speechless with how I felt after five sessions....I told my wife that mindvybe is the “Happy Machine“! And my feelings of well-being have maintained for weeks“

-K.G, Retired Painter

“I highly recommend mindvybe. I’d love to use it before every performance to help get me in the zone!”

-Eleanor Norton, World Renown Cellist

“mindvybe almost instantly took me into a deep, meditative place and calmed my nervous system throughout my body. It was therapeutic and very relaxing.”

-Elyssa Herman, EVP, Wells Fargo

“mindvybe has been a blessing for us. It has improved my focus and clarity, and has restored a sense of calm for Jerry.”

-Lisa Frattali, Neuroscience Coach

“mindvybe has definitely been a godsend for my 13 year-old ​daughter with the issues she has been dealing with in middle ​school, from bullying to cyber-bullying and the all-around ​drama in this stage of life as she is trying to figure herself ​out.”

-Alicia Cross, Nurse

“mindvybe is very similar to a feeling after you’ve meditated. ​It is a great technology for people who’ve never been able to ​reach that space in meditation....but I think it is also great ​because sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to take care ​of yourself and do self-care. Self-care for 25 minutes (with ​mindvybe)? It’s wonderful. ”

-Leeza Duller, Graduate Student

Find out how mindvybe may help you or a loved one:


Learn about the Science

Vyber Testimonials

Brad Hreha

Business Owner

Ellie Brick

Life Coach

Carmela Tafoya

Personal Trainer

Hana Sigman

Marketing Associate

Dr. Beth DuPree, MD FACS, ABOIM

Chief Medical Officer


Recent College Graduate



Dr. Jonathan Sackier

Professor of Surgery

Jerry Jack and

Lisa Frattali

Brayden Lloyd


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Now available in select locations


Ginger Camp, RN

Cottonwood, AZ

(928) 607-9558


New Jersey


Hopewell, NJ

(609) 857-1685



Advancing Mindcare

Perkasie, PA

(609) 857-1685



Boca Raton Center for Child and Family

Boca Raton, FL

(561) 407-4600



Aloha Brain Fitness

Honolulu, HI

(808) 554-1633


Lisa Frattali

Neuroscience Coach

West Berlin, NJ

(856) 725-9230



Furlong, PA

(215) 353-2581


Sage Chiropractic

Newtown, PA

(215) 497-0700


Advanced Therapy Intervention

Philadelphia, PA

(215) 922-3040




Fairfax, VA

(609) 857-1685


More locations coming soon.

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Studies in Women’s Well-being

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New Moms

As a 2023 grant awardee from New Jersey’s CSIT Maternal and Infant Health initiative, our Hopewell location is offering mindvybe sessions to women following childbirth. Reach out to us at 609.857.1685 or email us at to learn how you can schedule your vybe sessions.

Breast Cancer Survivors

The Healing Consciousness Foundation in partnership with Redeemer Health ​Systems will be sponsoring a study to explore mindvybe’s effect on wellness ​in breast cancer survivors. Anticipated enrollment will begin in Q3 2024. ​More details are forthcoming. Call us at 609.857.1685 or email us at ​ to learn more.